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Introducing would

A new men's grooming line from Barstool

Why Would? What made us think that creating a new men's grooming line was a good idea? What gives us the right?

Because for nearly two decades, we've been thinking, creating, and doing things that people told us we shouldn't do—things people told us we had no business doing. And guess what, it's worked out pretty well so far. So here it is—Would—A Barstool brand that gives our guy permission to care about their skin, hair, and face in a way they never have before. A brand that is able to expand the Barstool story and talk about how important it is to live a good life.  A life that starts with taking good care of yourself by using products with the highest quality ingredients (you may not care - but you should).

Would belongs in every shower... in every medicine cabinet... in every gym bag of the guy that gives a shit about how he looks and feels about himself. And from where we're sitting... he's looking good.

Would you?